Toys baskets

Toys basket is a must have in every child room – most parents will agree with this sentence. Kidspace toys basket are not only very helpful when it comes to putting baby room in order, but they are also very decorative. Children loves our baskets!

Best way to keep your room clean

Available in two sizes

Looks beautiful

Keeps the shape

Kidspace toys baskets are very appreciated by the parents, because with toys basket cleaning out baby room becomes quick and simple. It does not mean that toys basket will not be a great gift for the children. Kids love our baskets because they are so pretty!

What do you need to know about our baskets?

Our baskets are made of stiff and thick foam. Thanks to that our baskets are keeping original shape, even when filled with toys. The foam is covered with soft Minky fabric. Kidspace toys basket with cute animal face will change boring room cleaning into great fun and will encourage your child to clean the room by itself. Inner part of the basket has been made of slippery lining, which is easy to clean using only wet wipe.

How big are Kidspace baskets?

Kidspace toys baskets are available in two sizes

Height: 31 cm, Diameter: 27 cm

Mini toys baskets has been created to store smaller toys. They are perfect solution for people looking smaller, mobile basket which can be easily moved from one room to another.

Height: 50 cm, Diameter: 40 cm

Our toys basket in XL size is a perfect solution for storing bigger toys in children room. It works perfectly when placed near play mat. In case of need, it can be moved somewhere else thanks to handy ears placed inside the basket.