Sleepover Sleeping Bags

Your child is struggling to fall asleep in unknown place? Are you looking for a way to make your child feel comfortable and safe like at home? Maybe your child is already staying for a night at friends house?

With Sleepover sleeping bag, every night out of home will be a great adventure

Best travel companion

Great support in nursery and kindergarten

Easy to store

Sleepover sleeping bag is a very practical product, which is loved by preschoolers and their parents. It is a great alternative to usual set : duvet, sheet and pillow. But it has way more applications!

What are the features of Sleepover sleeping bag ?

Kidspace Sleepover sleeping bags have been created with attention to details and original design.
Sleeping bags has been made to look like huge cuddly toys with animal faces. Soft Minky fabric makes it difficult to refrain from hugging it They are available in many patterns, colors and 3 sizes.

This product is created to sleep and great fun!

How is the sleeping bag made?

Sleeping bags are made of soft Minky fabric, which is the best for hugging and cuddling. Minky fabric is known from cuddling toys and baby blankets. Thanks to that, sleeping bag is extremely soft and nice to use.

Inner site of sleeping bag is made of high quality satine cotton. Fabric is very smooth, delicate and safe for your children skin. Sleeping bag is filled with anti-allergic silicone filling which is breathable and does not absorb moisture.

Sleeping bag has a zipper zipper which is located on the right side and the bottom of the sleeping bag so it is possible to open the sleeping bag flat. You can also leave the zipper open and use the sleeping bag as a duvet. The pillow has a nice emroidery and cute ears, each different for different animal.