What is sensory play mat?

Sensory play mat by Kidspace is a floor mat, created with baby development in mind. It is the best place for baby to exercise on the belly. Safes place, where your baby can practice raising the head, strenghten back, neck and hands muscles.

Support in development of your baby from day one

Safe place for you baby

Stimulation of baby’s senses

Best gift for a baby shower

Give you baby a best gift in the form of mat stimulating development and learning. Our mats are not only practial but also presents beautifully in most baby rooms.

What do you need to know about our sensory play mats?

Sensory play mats from Kidspace are exceptionally soft and safe. They will be a perfect place for first attempts to raise the body and stand up. They have not been created just for a baby to lie on them. The secrets hidden in different places in mats are encouraging the baby to move and experience.

Sensory play mat for children has been created to stimulate little baby’s mind and give a pleasure from discovering new things!

How is the sensory play mat made?

Sensory play mat for children from Kidspace has been created from fabrics with different textures and attributes. Main part of the mat – where we put the baby is made of cotton knitwear. Mat edges, animal head arms and legs are made of soft and fluffy Minky fabric. In thee upper part of the mat you will find a cute embroidery with animal face. According to the recent studies, face is one of the first things which are recognizable by the baby. The embroidery is made to attract baby’s attention and encourge to move on the mat. We have filled our mat with soft anti-allergic sillicone filling which will absorb energy in case of baby fall. Kidspace play mat is meeting all hygenic requirements. You can wash it in the washing maschine!