Nursing pillows

Nursing pillow is one of the most popular accessories for moms to be. It is priceless in first months after baby’s birth. It makes feeding the baby easier, supports correct position and relieves mom’s back and shoulders.

Make yourself comfortable when feeding the baby

Very comfortable and practical

Has pockets to keep important accessories

Beautiful, timeless design

Kidspace nursing pillow is a perfect accessory for everyone who appreciates great design in everyday use items

What do you need to know about Kidspace nursing pillow?

Our nursing pillow has two pockets to keep all accessories which might be needed when feeding the baby – breast pad, rattle or comforter. It is very easy to keep clean because it is mashine washable.

It is sold together with transparent bag with handle, so you can easily take it with you when travelling.

How is nursing pillow made?

Our pillows are made of beautiful Minky fabric which texture and colors are in line with current interior design trends. It will look great in most modern living and baby rooms.