What is Moments Box?

Each souvenir from early childhood of our baby is priceless. Memory Box is a best place to elegently store all the little trasures from this period and therefore will let you came back to these moments whenever you want.

Great for a gift

When baby is born

For babyshower

For baby first birthday

Moments Box is not just a simple box. This is a place filled with beautiful memories, emotions and hopes. Real treasury of moments which will never be back, but can stay alive in our mind.

Moments Box and it’s secrets

Moments Box is above all a box where you can store all most important memories.
It is very elegant, cute and functional at the same time.
Each Moments Box has been created from solid cardboard of high grammage and hot stamping. Closed with magnet, will safely keep all the treasures connected with your child birth.
Each Memory Box is keeping a beautiful history, which starts at the very beggining of baby life – in mom’s belly.
The beauty of each box is the fact that you decide what story it will tell. Your imagination is not limited!
Memory Box is available in few colors.
You can choose from grey, beige or navy colors, depending on your need and preferences.
Each beautiful.
Each special.

Exactly like your family story.

What is inside Moments Box?

Each Moments Box consist of:

Birth Certificate Card

To help you remember all most important details related to your child birth and developemnt

Three envelopes for photos

You can keep USG photographs, first photo after birth or maybe photo from first birthday?


You can use it to write beautiful letter. Describe your emotions, to be able to live them through again in few years from know.

Cards with age
Thanks to them, you will be able to commemorate how your baby grow, week by week and month by month. In the future you will enjoy going back to these photographs.
Two decorative boxes and two mini bootles together with stickers
To keep smallest treasures from the beginning of your parental adventure. First milk tooth? Lock of hair? Maybe armband from the hospital? It is all for yoou to decide what you would like to keep for the future!

Three linen pouches 

To hide baby’s favourite comforter, rattle or even first dress from the hospital. Pouches can store everything which will bring best memories to you.