Kidspace Special Editions

For every family holidays is the best opportunity to bond. In Kidspace we understand that, that is why each year we create for you new, special edition products. We do this to make every holiday break unique.

Let’s create unique atmosphere this holidays

Timeless decor

Unique, holiday atmosphere at your home

Priceless holiday memories

Holiday decor in our houses is constantly evolving. More often we are reaching for more than christmas tree and fairy lamps only. With small improvements using Kidspace products from special edition you will give your home a lot of christmas spirit.

What products are part of Kidspace special editions?

In Kidspace pay a lot of attention to holidays family time. That is why we are doing our best to prepare and drop new products for you, every Christmas season. Until today we have developed for you following special edition products: Christmas Reindeer sleepover set, Christmas Socks, Christmas Sugar Cane Pilllows, Mr Gingerbread and Ms Gingerbread pillows, Little Cook Set.

We do not forget about Easter as well! In our collection you can also find beautiful Easter Baskets. Perfect for egg hunt activity or to decorate festive table.

Check our Kidspace special editions!

When products from special editions are available in on-line store?

Products from Kidspace special editions are limited products, that is why some of them might be available only before holiday season. We encourage you to check the availablity in our on-line store. Due to the fact that Kidspace products are made in our factory in Poland, we can fulfill bulk orders all over the year.

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