Bean bags

Kidspace bean bag are perfect for reading, watching movies ora playing board games. Our bean bags are comfortable both for children as well as adults. Soft fabric has satine shine and will match the design of most contemporary baby rooms.

Great alternative to simple chair

For fun and rest

Easy to keep clean

Great choice of designs and colors

Our poufs are loved by both children and adults. They are great for having fun with the kids as well taking a rest. Removable cover can be washed in washing maschine so pouf will look clean and neat for a long time.

What do you need to know about our bean bags?

Our bean bags are made of soft and nice Minky fabric. This plush fabric is known from cuddly toys and baby blankets. It is very fluffy and very durable.
Each pouf have separate bag with polystyrene filling. The outer part is closed with the zipper, it is easy to remove and wash.
Soft Minky and polystyrene filling makes our pouf very comfortable.
Our bean bags are available in few colors and sizes.

You can follow your heart, all our poufs are comfy !

What kind of pouf are available ?

In our offer you will find three different types of poufs:

Bean bag chair

Our bestsellers. Funny faces and cute ears these is the signature feature of these poufs. Bean bags have cone shape, so you can sit on them like on the regular armchair, lay down or use it as a couch.
These beautiful poufs, with the image of cute animal will become favourite of your children and yourself. The beanbag size (80-95 cm height and 90 cm diameter) makes it a comfortable chair for an adult. Our pouf can be shaped in different way, so they can fit different places where „traditional” armchair would not fit.

Mini bean bags

Our smallest bean bags, with round shape. It is a perfect solution for small rooms or when you need a lot of seats. Can be successfully used as a seat in kindergarten, and we know from our experience mini pouf is very helpful for parents as well – when bathing the baby or reading evening story. The size of mini poufs are : 45 cm (diameter) and 20 cm (height).

Bean bag balls

Your child is already to big for animal faces? No problem ! Go for Kidspace Bean Bag Balls! These round poufs with smooth colors have 82 cm diameter and are 42 cm high. They do not have emboidery, but their beautiful colors are enoug to look great in teenage room.
These bean bags are also often chosen by our Customers to be placed in living room – this way our poufs can be used by the whole family, and decorate living room at the same time.