Kidspace backpacks have been created to fit children size and fit all the necessary belongings at the same time. It is very useful when going for a trip or to the kindergarten. And it looks great at the same time!

Stylish way to keep all children accessories

Best choice to kindergarten

Perfect size for a children

Great as a sack, perfect as a backpack

Kidspace backpack is a very practical gadget. It will be a perfect gift for a children in preschool age.

What do you need to know about Kidspace bagpacks?

Kidspace backpack have been created with kids first adventures in mind. It lets children to carry ale the most important accessories and it is very handy and comfortable at the same time. Children loves our backpacks for beautiful animal embroidery and nice colors, and they carry our backpacks with pleasure.

Use them as a bag or as a backpack when needed. It is an exceptionally convenient solution!

How is the backpack made?

Nice in touch backpack has been made from soft Minky fabric. Thanks to the string it can be carried on the back or just as a sack – in hand. Inside you’ll find satiny lining, which makes it easy to keep the backpack clean. Thanks to the label sewn inside the backpack, you can put owner name and telephone number to recover the backpack in case of loosing it.