Baby horns

Baby horn is a best way to safely wrap the baby. In Kidspace portfolio you can find tied baby horns in oryginal patterns

Wrap your baby safely and keep it comfortable

Highest quality cotton

Wrap your baby adequately to your baby size

Safe grip

Kidspace baby horns have been created to keep the baby safe. Binding the horn using a bow helps to adjust the wrapping depending on the baby size and needs which helps to calm down the baby. Soft back of the horn is necessary for safe and steady grip.

hat do you need to know about Kidspace horns?

Kidspace baby horn is tied using a wide bow. This solution helps to adjust the way the horn is binded to the size of the baby.

When not binded, the horn can be used as a playing or changing mat

Our horns does not have a stiff back. It is the safest solution which helps the parent to hold the baby safely and minimize the risk of the baby falling out from the horn.

How is the Kidspace baby horn made?

Kidspace baby horn is made of high quality, smooth and satine cotton. Inside we have used anti-allergic sillicone filling.

The print used for the horn has OEKO TEX Standard 100 Class I certificate. It means it can be safely use by the youngest children.