Animal pillows

Our animal pillows can be used both as a decorative pillow, as well as a soft cuddly toy. From one site of the pillow you’ll find cute embroidery with animal face and on the other site, soft silky cotton to sleep comfortably. Our animal pillows are also great addition to preschooler layette.

Favourite pillow and cuddly toy rolled into one

Used by children as cuddly toy

Great decor for child room

Practical gift for a preschooler

Our animal pillows are the element of our sleepover collection. You can easily match your pillow with the sleeping bag or sleeping head band

What do you need to know about Kidspace animal pillows?

Our sleepover pillows have been created to be first choice companion of our offsprings. We know from our experience, that most kids is taking thair pillows with them when going to to kindergarten or for a trip. At the same time, our pillows are great decor for a child room. Nice animal embroidery and colors brings a little warmth to the room.

Kidspace animal pillows will be a perect choice both for 1 year old child as well as older children

We guarantee perfect softness of our Sleepover pillows!

What is animal pillows made of?

Sleepoover animal pillows are made of soft Minky fabric, which is very soft and nice in touch. Therefore, it can be a great cuddly toy for youngest. On the back side of the pillow, we have used soft satine cotton fabric. This side is perfect for sleeping. The pillow has been filled with anti-allergic, sillicone filling. It can be washed in washing mashine, so it is very easy to keep it clean!