In Kidspace we are creating space for children to grow and develop. We want to give children sense of safety, support them in learning and accompany in play. Everything to make them feel that they can do EVERYTHING! We believe that happiness and self-fulfillment of our children lies in their hands. It depends on their self-confidence, sensitivity, self-esteem, courage and imagination. We support their choices, give them courage and lead, showing how far you can get. We create our products with kids in mind, their needs and pleasures. This is why children love Kidspace products.


Quality of our products was always highest priority for us. Not only because of our Customers satisfaction, which is very important for us, but also because we want to create products which will last for years. We are against cheap, almost disposable products. That is why every piece of our product which is leaving our factory has been manufactured carefully, with use of highest quality materials and after acceptance of our Quality Control team. All our efforts are made to make products which can grow up together with our children. Our mission does not end, when product is leaving our factory. We fix Kidspace products, repurchase, renew and sell again. Together with our Clients, we give them second life, to use the resources we have in a best possible way.


In a time of globalization, rush and mass production, we believe in quality, local production and individual approach to the Customer. All Kidspace products are designed by us and produced in Poland 95%, of them in our own factory in Mazovia. Our factory is powered by photovoltaic panels and heated by heat pumps. All our employees are legally employed and insured. Everything we produce is authentic, made with responsibility, with local community and environment in mind.

We support local social and ecological initiatives we are trying to minimize our carbon footprint. We want to give our children opportunity to live in a better world. Our Customers appreciate our efforts because they are aware, responsible and involved. In our vision of future, everyone is like that.


Our products meets all safety and healthcare requirements.
Production proces meets highest quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015.
Our fabrics possess safety certificates

Paints used to print cotton and bamboo fabrics are safe for health of our youngest Clients